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May 26, 2020
Medical Bills

Coping With Debt from a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Recovering from a personal injury that is the result of another individual or company’s negligence can be understandably overwhelming. Not only do you have to recover from a painful injury that could be disrupting your quality of life and negatively impacting your ability to work, but you may also be […]
February 27, 2020
Medical Bills

3 Tips On How To Manage Your Medical Practice’s Finances

No matter how much money your practice is making, it pays to have a sound financial strategy. Either to maximize revenue or to minimize waste, your plan has to factor in many aspects of your business. You’ll be dealing with debt in your business, which is not a problem. But, […]
June 23, 2018
Conquer Your Debt

To Conquer Your Debt, Think Like a Maze Runner

Have you ever seen or experienced one of those massive corn mazes that are carved to resemble a celebrity or picture? Did you solve books of mazes as a kid, each more tricky than the last? Well, mazes can be both challenging and fun. And going through a maze is […]
May 25, 2018
Medical Bills

Preventing Surprise Medical Bills from Shredding Your Finances

Americans believe in having quality health care, which is why they continue sharply towards the latest advancement in the medical field. But sometimes, these quality health care services come at a steep (unexpected) price. In accordance with the Consumer Reports, the person to person health care cost in the US […]
August 9, 2017
Debt Relief

10 Reasons You Deserve Debt Relief

When you are seeking debt relief, you know there will be difficulties. Digging your way out of debt is not an easy task. What many don’t expect, however, is the psychological toll debt can take on a person. Studies have shown that those with even small amounts of debt report […]