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How we can help?

Debt Academy is a leading resource of the debt relief information and tools. We understand that we are a nation of good, hard-working people that get into financial situations that are overwhelming, burdensome and down-right terrifying and debilitating. From unexpected medical bills to homeowner repairs to racked up credit card charges. Life happens. We are here to help lighten your burden by providing you with the information and guidance you need to make the best financial decision according to your situation, family, and life. You can live life without debt.


We are currently assembling our FAQ section, but if you have a debt question that we can help you with, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

1What Exactly does a Debt Combination Company Do?
Debt combination is another term for debt settlement, and companies provisional of this service directly deal with your creditors, who are unsecured towards the negotiation of a lower amount due. You pay an agreed upon single monthly payment to a third party escrow and that money is brought into use to shell out the settlements as well as the company fails. Whilst there is no guarantee for anything, usually, you can diminish the amount owed by you up to 40 to 50 percent.
2Can I Still Make Use of My Credit Cards While Going through Debt Consolidation?
No is the answer. The idea behind this is the reduction of your debt and not its enhancement by further usage. You will have to begin dealing in cash, although with the lowest monthly payment that you will make, this will be easier to do.
3Will My Credit Score Be Enhanced After I Accomplish a Debt Combination?
Again, the answer is no. Your credit report was pretty much trashed when you commenced the program and it won’t be any better after a settlement. Think about it for a moment, really what you have done is paid 60% or less on that which was due. That doesn’t build a credit score. But completing the program has the implication that you no longer make the monthly disbursement, and you can use that money for secured loans and begin to build the backup of your credit.
4Will the Creditors Stop Calling me if I’m in a Program?
Probably, but there is no guarantee. Reputable companies of debt settlement are having relationships with credit card companies and they usually convince them to deal directly with them. However, your creditor has the option to continue the collection efforts if they desire so.